Learning in CyprusCyprus,  - the 3rd biggest island in the Mediterranean,  is located in the south eastern part of Europe,  where East meets West. Given its rich history of 10, 000 years,  Cyprus is like an open air museum,where a visitor can see wonderful inheritance of various civilizations that occupied the Island during its long history. One may visit ancient sites where the Goddess of Love Aphrodite lived, or enjoy the well preserved frescos of the Byzantine churches, which are under the protection of UNESCO.

In addition to its warm and stable climate (320 sunny days annually),  its great historical heritage, its wide variety of sightseeing locations, Cyprus is the safest country in the European Union,  with excellent direct flight connections with Europe,  Near and Middle East.

Given the fact that Cyprus was part of the British Empire for over 80 years,  more than 80 % of the population use English as a second language.  This provides the opportunity to every student who visits Cyprus not only to learn English from highly qualified native teachers,  but also to practice the English language daily after classes in many occasions.

The standard of English Language Schools is very high, as the quality of schools is controlled through the accreditation process of the Ministry of Education. All teachers are highly qualified and experienced staff, mainly native speakers.

Smell the jasmine and the wild thyme. Walk in pine scented forests, or ski on the snowy peaks in the morning. Take a dip in the warm blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea in the afternoon. Wonder at Greek temples, Byzantine churches and ancient artefacts thousands of years old. Gone with the wind on kite surfing session,  go cycling, or hiking round the countryside, or take up a new sport. Feel at one with nature, or dance the night away. Look beyond sun and sea. In Cyprus there is much to enjoy, see and do. It’s a whole world condensed in a small area. Experience it all!